What If Your Criminal Ego Wasn’t The Problem?

Jul 9, 2014 | Healing, Heart

What if we were approaching life backward? What if trying to work on the mind, our thoughts and dysfunctional egos were actually adding to the disconnect, to the fear, to the pain we sense in our lives?

What if instead, we learned what our heart and soul were trying to tell us through our emotions and feelings and stopped rationalizing or suppressing them?

What if we embraced unconditionally all our vulnerabilities, darkness, limitations, hurt and pain? Do you think this would create a sacred, unconditionally loving place for your heart to be heard so you could heal the disconnect that strengthened your alter ego, that allowed the ego mind to run the show?

Do you think that resisting the smallness of the ego will solve the problem? Do you think that judging our lower egoic impulses will make them go away?

Or do you think that we could transcend these lower frequencies of being human by healing what is causing the problem in the first place?

An alter ego is only empowered by disowned parts of Self, by unhealed and trapped emotions that lower our frequency and get triggered because they have never been released.

When we can hold a sacred space to healthfully honor our uncomfortable and sticky emotions we create a clearing for our intuition – our heart’s higher directive, and then in turn learn to observe and not react from our ego.

The beautiful spiritual practices of self love, self forgiveness and acceptance are only powerful when they are integrated into a way of being, and denying our human-beingness through self ridicule, denial or disassociation is not spiritual. This is not self love.

The higher self wants us to be human, that is why we are here. And the difference between being human and being – oh let’s say a robot, is our emotions. They are the bridge to your wholeness, to your soul and to your intuition.

More thoughts to come…

Light and Love




I'm Megyn Blanchard. Truth-teller, wholehuman advocate, and spiritual myth buster. I help women bridge the gap that exists between their emotional, intellectual, and spiritual experiences. Kick up your heels, read for a while. I am sure we'll be fast friends.

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