What if you didn’t need the world to be any different today?

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What if you could let everyone you come across today be exactly right where they are: in their harshness, in their identities, in their complaining, in their fighting, in their messiness?

Then, what if you could turn this around on yourself, and be exactly where you are? Totally at peace with your confused, judgemental, pissed off, lonely, and furious? Without trying to positive think something away, or analyze, or fix it?

Recently I was in a waiting room with my mother, when a man dressed in all black and a beard that hadn’t been trimmed in 40 years, struck up a chatty conversation with me. He told me stories about growing up as an Israelite, and then his personal history morphed into ideas on what was clearly wrong with the “stupid, uneducated, people in America.” Before I knew it we were talking about the Bible, dogma, Communism, and fear.

Eventually, the man left and I noticed that I had an overwhelming feeling of love edging through my body. Not like pity love. Not like we are similar souls love, but that sweet, innocent, “my soul doesn’t need you to be anything different love.”

This kind of love, comes from out of nowhere, in the most unexpected and unplanned moments. I know it’s always there, deep inside of me, waiting to be unleashed, reachable without “trying” for it when I have no emotional attachment to needing the world to be any different than what it is.

Some weeks it’s easier and more consistently accessible, other weeks I feel a staunch hardness wash over me, that creeps in between me and life when my brain tries to fit everything into a neat and tidy box.

But when I can show up without an internal mandate to rescue, heal or fix anyone; when I don’t need to “show someone the light;” when I’m not shocked, offended, or surprised by anybody’s shit; when I accept the world in all it’s fuckery, this space envelopes me and those around with me with a profound sense of love and grace

This story is not profound or amazing, it’s actually pretty commonplace when we have the awareness of what is going on.

We often “think about” or reserve this kind of “loving space” for things like our animals, or people in “need.”

I offer to you that every day can be like a mini pilgrimage: our interactions at the grocery or in line at Starbucks, our commutes to work or conversations with strangers on the phone: “can I just love you and accept you today without making it about me, leaving aside my need to categorize you or complain about you or make you any different? “

What if I told you I didn’t need you to be anything other than where you are today? How would that feel?

All Love. All Truth.

Megyn Blanchard

Megyn Blanchard

Truth teller, Spiritual myth buster, Inner Relationship coach

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