The way to let go of resentments that works every time!

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Seeing how resentments show up in our life can be tremendously freeing and powerful.

As people look to up-level their relationships in the world and with themselves – forgiveness is an essential step forward.

It allows us to free up the flow of loving energy that yearns to be embodied in our lives. However, before we can forgive – we must let go of resentments.

Even the most spiritual of us have resentments from time to time. It’s a natural part of being human.

There is no reason to feel bad or shame yourself. That isn’t productive. Being aware of how you process forgiveness is essential.

True forgiveness comes from processing responsibility, lessons, and emotions, then we have wisdom and can leave the pain behind.

Here is the simplest way I know to let go of resentments.

I find that whatever situation I am having difficulty releasing – it is because somewhere, somehow I gave away my power. When I look at how I can change; how I can show up more directly, honestly, and authentically in future situations, then I don’t feel like the victim.

Where did I not stand up for myself? Where did I not listen to my intuition? Where did I get weak on setting a healthy boundary? Did I not speak up for my feelings? Was I people pleasing, or looking for validation from the person or circumstance? Was I not showing up for myself?

That is it. It’s radically simple. It is also radically responsible.

From this awareness, we can see how we are actually the source of our resentment. Then the next step is actually forgiving ourselves. If we can see how we showed up in the situation that wasn’t true to our heart, we can make a promise to change how we behave, act, and engage in the future.

This simple awareness is the access to getting back your power and real forgiveness.

Resentment is not about the person or circumstance outside of us, it’s always about how we showed up.

Light and Love


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Megyn Blanchard

Megyn Blanchard

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