The Paradox Of Letting Go — You Receive More

Aug 10, 2014 | Blog, Inner Peace, Letting Go, Trust


The paradox of letting go, is you receive more.

Lettong go requires us to stop thinking so much, worrying so much, and just live in the spaciousness of your heart, your truth, and the ever-unfolding now.

The ever-unfolding now? What the hell does that mean?

As a logical, type A, over-achiever, this used to piss me off. It also seemed counter-intuitive. If I took my hands off the wheel of life I might be whisked away in the tide of failure land or amount to being mediocre at best.

You mean I don’t have to plot out every twist and turn? I shouldn’t worry about my future; try to at least guarantee my success?”

No, actually you don’t.

When I was in a twelve-step program there is a step which states: “We became willing to turn our lives and will over to the care of God as we understand him.” I found myself a tad resistant.

First of all, I’m spiritual, not religious. I believe in the end we will find we’ve been calling on the same source of Love, and turning my will over sounded like some proselytizing rhetoric I’d heard uttered before in the same sentence as hatred.

Second, I came from the mindset that everything I did mattered. I was a plan it out, goal-oriented kind of gal.

I was asked to chart out all the instances in my life, good or bad, that had been beneficial; that had been life-altering in a way that I couldn’t plan for. Times when the miracles unfolding could never have been of my own doing; when God or higher knowing was doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself. The list was long – and is forever growing.


Which brings us back to the present moment. Letting go is about turning over your will, your ego, your spoiled and scared five-year-old representative who wants everything now, set in stone, guaranteed, and his own way.

Letting go is about being honest and responsible with the heart-centered self that speaks to you through feelings, guiding you one step at a time towards your highest path; that says this is harmful, this is fearful, this is not in service to LOVE.

Letting go is powerfully trusting in the present moment, which allows for the whispers of your heart to be your guide and compass.

It is not passive, rather it’s receptive, in that it asks the Universe, God, or whatever loving energy you choose uses you as a vehicle in service to the greatest good.

It signifies that you trust in a Love greater than your limited understanding and are willing to have faith in the unfolding; that you will be given great gifts, including the next step if you endeavor to listen earnestly to your heart.

If we are willing to open our eyes, unplug our ears and open our hands to both receiving and giving; if we can show up, choosing deeper levels of love in all circumstances, we will receive everything we need to awaken plus so much more.

We do not change the Divine Laws when we plow forward, head-strong, chasing and clinging to people and structures out of fear.

We do exercise our power when we choose to listen; when we discern what the next move should be in the moment.

Your Heart and Soul want to co-create with you – listen, they are patiently calling you.

I love hearing from you, comment below or share if you think this will help someone.

All Love,


LIving in your truth is less about making shit happen and more about letting shit go.


Megyn Blanchard

Megyn Blanchard

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