Start Your Day With This Powerful Mantra

Oct 14, 2014 | Blog, Faith, Letting Go, Trust


start your day with this powerful mantra

Dear God, Goddess, Divine Light and Love, show me what I most need to know now. I am open to anything that wants to happen in this day, moment, relationship, conversation, including that which is beyond my imagination.

It’s simple. It’s easy to remember and it gets the point across.

The creative loving force of the cosmos actually doesn’t need much guidance. I think The Divine already knows what we are asking and what we need without much pleading or explanation.

Isn’t that kind of what makes The Divine so, well – divine?

I say this prayer with the best of intentions to just be open. Just be receptive. Just let go.

It’s out there, in the ethereal mind, in the God-box. And life is vibrating for you.

No, I am not perfect. Yes, my mind wants to figure things out, make meaning or predict outcomes. But I’ve gotten to the point where I realize that most of the time, I actually don’t know much; and that if I can say this little prayer with deep trust and gratitude as if it’s already taken care of then go about my day – the most amazing and beautiful synchronicities occur.

The signs show up. The guideposts. The people, and sometimes the bull-horn-abandon-ship-omens.


What this really is – surrender. It’s getting out of our own way. And I like it this way.

Time and time again I’ve thought I wanted or needed or knew something and God just laughs. Then I receive something way more beautiful. Something beyond the limitations of my mind. Something beyond my imagination.

So what’s your job?

Show up for your life. Really, show up from your heart. Move away from the fear based stories of your mind. Be kind to yourself and to others. Do no harm, ever, and you will see how magnificence and grace move through you.

Megyn Blanchard

Megyn Blanchard

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