Self-love is really popular these days. It’s a cool internet meme, and spiritual buzz word.

It’s definitely in the collective consciousness, and that’s a good thing — unless it’s misunderstood and becomes spiritual junk food, or just more education that gets regurgitated in the name of being conscious (oh ya know, like calling part of your healing process “not real” or shaming yourself for having feelings of abandonment).

The other side of misunderstood self-love is participating in behavior that’s even mildly harmful to others as a way to justify our happiness.

The connection you have with yourself effects all your other relationships. Period. Or in other words, all you have to do is work on your inner world, and then watch your external circumstances and relationships change.

All of the women I mentor and coach understand how important loving one’s self is, but they still struggle with how to find it, feel it, and integrate it into a way of being.

They even sometimes use it as a thing to achieve in order to get more things they want – which is still ego or manipulation, not self-love.

  • Self-love is not something you find or can learn about through more education.
  • Self-love is an experience you have of yourself through connection.
  • Which is less about doing, and more about allowing all parts of you to feel safe, heard and loved.

If this still feels confusing or unattainable for you, that’s okay. Because that what this e-course is for: To help bring self-love from a largely conceptual or campy idea, to a practical, implementable, feel-able experience for you. 

Most of us have ideas of what love is based on fear based programs. We’ve associated love with getting, proving, achieving, or acquiring something outside of us and those resulting emotions. Or worse, we associate love with some form of trauma or neglect. We’ve all been traumatized to a certain extent, because we’ve all had a childhood.

But love is not an emotion. It’s an eternal, indestructible, essence and energy. How love is felt, is through tapping into this essence, through connection and ultimately experience.

That’s what this crash course will do: it will help you uncover and recover self-love through your own experience of yourself.

My life was very different just three years ago…

  • I didn’t trust myself or my path.
  • I couldn’t hear my intuition.
  • I was worn out and depleted from a toxic relationship.
  • I was lost and stuck in my career. I didn’t know my purpose.
  • I wanted to know why I didn’t love myself, because I “thought” I did.

And things are radically different now. I feel like I am in-love most days, and there is no one else around.

I feel and hear my intuition much more clearly and I actually trust myself enough to follow it.

I’ve had weekly, sometimes daily synchronistic events happen that feel like Grace is hiding behind every door. I feel deeply connected to something larger; a higher knowing or more loving force inside of me – which you can call soul, or Creative Life Force energy or God. Whatever you feel most comfortable with is fine.

I trust that things are happening in magnificent and perfect ways, beyond my limited imagination, for my highest good and I get proof, signs, and omens daily.

When we start operating more as a heart and soul based being, and less from the thinking, rational, logical mind, the connection and love and trust that we feel can be gloriously painful. It’s called expansion pain. The kind that hurts so good.

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