Relationships are either containers for great work, or great lessons.

Mar 2, 2015 | Blog, Love, Relationship

Relationships are either containers for great work, or great lessons.

Think about it like this: relationships that are great lessons are mirrors of what we need to look at within ourselves; an old wound or behavior that needs to be healed. “Where can we love and respect ourselves more completely? Where can we stand for our truth more honestly? Where are we outsourcing our power?”

When we are looking, unconsciously or consciously, for our loveability, validity and happiness from a relationship; when we aren’t fully resourced containers for our own worthiness, adoration, and respect; when we haven’t done the inner work to deal with old emotional programs that have us chasing, grasping, and seeking outside relationships to fill a void — we will attract relationships that will be like picking at a scab, constantly re-opening old hurts and wounds, showing us where our self-love gaps are, never quite allowing them to heal.

It’s not that there isn’t value in these relationships, especially when we are willing to look at these situations as opportunities to go deeper into our inner exploration and recover our own self love, self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-respect, but the great work in relationships comes when we aren’t constantly being re-traumatized.

Great work comes from deep, soulful, harmony between two individuals who are fully in their power; who deeply believe they are worthy of love.

Great resonance comes when two people compliment each other and bring out their strengths.

When we are already steeped in our own love, value, and happiness we attract union where presence, truth, and openness reign supreme. We break down walls, experience intense growth, and feel our hearts opening, as we feel safe being vulnerable.

When we are whole, we can discern who is able to meet us with reciprocal respect, love, and kindness because our deepest beliefs are that we are worthy, regardless of how another person behaves.

Great work, great love, great resonance, happen when two people are both steeped in their own Truth and equipped to hold space for one another to be their authentic selves without harming the other person.

Great work is a by-product of two people who don’t need anything from another person, because they are already deeply rooted in their own love.

Great work is two people plugged into the magnificence, joy and creative power of their existence, and as a result they come together as witnesses of this force in physical form, emitted outward, exponentially.

All Love, All Truth



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