Pure Curiosity: Real Talk with Iris McAlpine on Grief, Loss and Spiritual Narcissism

Nov 6, 2017 | Blog, Grief, Podcast, Spiritual Rant

When Iris McAlpine asked me to do this podcast interview for her new podcast Pure Curiosity, I was onboard immediately. Iris and I have only met once, but we connected because of our similar backgrounds in the “positive psychology vortex,” and because she and I both agree self-love and personal transformation are more nuanced experiences then is often purported in the soundbites of the self-help world.

Listen in as Iris McAlpin and I compassionately offer up more complete understandings of what a healing journey often looks like. Tough topics like how to deal with grief and loss, why most women struggle with identifying their needs, using self-help as spiritual bypassing, and the pain of having so much love to give while having nowhere to “put it” just to name a few.

For anyone who has been “working on themselves,” or trying to have more meaningful human and life experiences — Iris and I will give you a loving dose of reality as well as some practical tools.


You can find Iris McAlpin on Facebook and Instagram and her podcast, Pure Curiosity, here.










Megyn Blanchard

Megyn Blanchard

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