Boundaries are the difference between feeling like a doormat and feeling totally honored

Know, own, and stand for your values and standards girrl!

Why too much self-help actually creates suffering

For 17 years I was a good spiritual student and self-help junkie. I was well versed in concepts like self-love and self-worth. Concepts like "our thoughts create our reality" and "happiness is a choice" permeated much of my thinking. I had accepted everyone for where...

Relationships are either containers for great work, or great lessons.

When we aren’t fully resourced containers for our own love, adoration and respect; when we haven’t faced and re-wired the old emotional programs that are below the surface dictating our lives, we will attract relationships that will be like picking at a scab – constantly re-opening old hurts and pains, never quite allowing it to heal.

How to never miss a sign again.

Perhaps, what we most often miss are the signals that it's time to move on, shift, re-focus, and let go. We get so caught up in the determination, the not being a "failure," the "looking good", the fear of "is this is the last one that will ever love me", that we...

Start Your Day With This Powerful Mantra

  Dear God, Goddess, Divine Light and Love, show me what I most need to know now. I am open to anything that wants to happen in this day, moment, relationship, conversation, including that which is beyond my imagination. It's simple. It's easy to remember and it...


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