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If you and I were at happy hour drinking margaritas.

How to love without attachment: Letting romantic relationships go

Remember that wonderful human being I met a few months ago? We parted ways, and for the first time in my adult life, I experienced a happy ending through an ending. Not like pop-the-cork-off-the-champagne-bottle happy. There was disappointment and other normal human...

Relationships are either containers for great work, or great lessons.

When we aren’t fully resourced containers for our own love, adoration and respect; when we haven’t faced and re-wired the old emotional programs that are below the surface dictating our lives, we will attract relationships that will be like picking at a scab – constantly re-opening old hurts and pains, never quite allowing it to heal.

Own your sacred boundaries and win at the battle of love

  I’m a recovering self-abandonment-oholic. It is only because of deep healing, massive amounts of self-compassion and self-love, that I can now say this with a smile on my face. When I realized that a great deal of my pain and frustration in relationships was due to...

How to stop comparing your life to others and focus on you

  Whether it is because we compare our lives to the "seemingly perfect" lives of those we admire, or because of some message that has been played out over and over in in our conditioning, it’s easy to start feeling despair, or emptiness and think it’s because of some...

The one thing blocking you from self-love – It’s not your mind!

  I’ve always prided myself on being a strong, independent, pull-yourself-up-by-your-boots, kind of girl. Then in my early thirties, desperate, broken down, tired of being emotionally depleted, I swallowed my pride and scheduled an appointment with a therapist. I’d...

When It Is Time To Let Go. . . Of People!

  One of the hardest things for me to learn in life was how to stand up for myself. I hated making other people mad and disappointing them. If I loved someone, and I don’t just mean in the romantic sense, I wanted the other person to be happy. I would rather take care...



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