Coaching + self-help is done differently around here.


Meaning you are not interested in being a monk in the mountains, or never having a thought again, or living a life of renunciation.

Yes it is true we are infinite, interconnected, soul based beings. Yes we already are love, forgiveness, and compassion. But for the already dissociated spiritual seeker, learning about our absolute nature alone doesn’t help with the being human part. And that’s what we are all here for. Amma-right?


I don’t use “traditional” coaching methods. I use a multidimensional Wholehuman™ approach.
We aren’t just intellectual beings with criminal minds and egos.  We are emotional, spiritual and energetic beings as well.
You’ve probably already spent a lot of time in the pop-psychology, coaching, and spiritual world consuming a ton of education and analyzing your “issues.”
Seriously? How long have you been talking about your stuff? And is that really working out for you?

Can you feel that we are just as much humans realizing we are souls, as we are souls realizing we are humans – learning how to be human?

Inspired by a John Welwood quote

Wholeness connects us in an experiential way to love in the face of heartache, joy in the face of chaos, acceptance in the place of disbelief, and trust when things are falling apart.


( How we tackle this.)






No more making yourself wrong with self-help. Learn how to be a safe space so you feel nurtured without judgement.


Understand and honor all aspects of your human experience. Hint: what you think is bad is actually good.


Remap stored, suppressed, emotional and energetic imprints and trauma that create our beliefs and experiences.


Create an open and trusting relationship with something larger than yourself. You can call this Source, Love, God or the Universe.


When you work with me my objective is for you to have integrated awareness and feeling experiences, not more education.

Most of our conditioning has caused imprinting and debris to get in the way of our accessing basic elements like self-trust, self-worth, and self-love.

That is why you can sit in a therapist’s chair for years and read all the “right” self-help books, and still feel like you are at war yourself. That’s why you can contemplate your “love-based-eternal-nature,” and still feel like you are looking to something or someone outside of yourself for approval and validation. That’s why you can be the “observer of your ego” and continually get pulled back into the same loops and “triggers.”

We have to wake up parts of you that have been asleep, covered up, or never tapped into before, this way your intellectual and spiritual beliefs match your emotional reality. And that takes a different kind of work.

In just three calls, it felt like we had gotten to the root of everything I was feeling but couldn’t articulate. Megyn is so intuitive, her coaching coaxes it all up to the surface.”

Chris Chavez, Houston TX


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Option 1

Start by booking an intro call (90 minute) through Skype or over the phone $149.


I guide you one-on-one to create a safe compassionate space for healing so you can navigate your life through inner peace, self-love, self-worth and feel confident to take action. All programs are 8 (60-90 minute) calls, individualized notes and homework + unlimited email and text support. $949


Live, group coaching done over 8 week period. One discussion call per week that is recorded and available for review later. You receive my most essential tools for transformation + unique homework and a private Facebook group for further discussion, support and tools. Taking new applicants for the fall. Click here. $99

Do You Have Any Questions?

Want to know what is included in the programs, or what to expect? (a.k.a the goods)

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I’ve worked with people who have done therapy for years…then they find, they don’t need to see a therapist.

I’ve worked with trained leaders who have been through advanced levels of communication and personal development training.

I’ve worked with people who have been into spiritual practice like meditation for years.

I’ve worked with people who have been abused, neglected and traumatized by family of origin issues.

I’ve worked with people who have learning disabilities.

The core theme that connects these souls, seems to be a “willingness” to take responsibility and really BE IN their life.


Anyone not ready to take full responsibility for their stuff. Even if that means taking 3% responsibility for co-creating, participating, allowing.

Most of the chaos, pain and disconnection we experience, are mirrors of the disowned, stuffed, repressed feeling based beliefs and conditioning from our lives.

You have to be willing to ask, “What is it inside of me that needs to be healed, released or be seen?”

This work will have affects on everyone, but the most transformation I see is when people are ready to NOT BE VICTIMS!


All payments are due in full before time of booking. You fill out the forms, by clicking out one of those buttons all over this page, I send you the invoice through PayPal or stripe. If you fill out a form, but don’t hear back from me, email me directly please.

I do offer scholarship programs for those who are a little timid, or need some financial assistance. You can email me to see if I am currently taking scholarship submissions.

Why do I do this? Because it’s just nice!


When you and I work together, you get my undivided attention and time. But it requires work on your part as well. Think about this like soul school.


All programs are individual and unique (because you are unique). You get recorded calls (because you will want to re-listen all this stuff). Individualized homework. Call notes. Special curated gifts + unlimited text and email attention.


All clients start by filling out the questionnaire and paying for the desired service through Paypal. You can start with a one hour call or jump straight into an 8 week program. Fill out one of the forms via the links provided here and pay for your service. If you are timid and need a 15 minute call first, please let me know via the form you fill out.

“With Megyn, I could talk about anything, and bring up anything. She see’s the best part of you, it’s like you’re speaking to a friend who truly has your best interests at heart.” ~ Cecily Satin
“Learning about my Truth and how to connect with myself on deeper levels has absolutely saved me. Megyn has taught me how to be in touch with my core feelings and showed me how to accept those parts of myself I would have deemed as bad or just “my ego”. ~Tess Redsky, Houston TX

“Before I started working with Megyn, I was stuck, rooted in the past, reacting to everything the same way I would have done as a 12-year old. I was angry, resentful, and sad. I felt paralyzed by my grief around infertility. Some days, I simply didn’t know how I was going to make it through. Then, working with Megyn, instead of just uncovering old wounds that were determining my reactions, I worked through them until they no longer dominated me. My 12-year-old self is no longer calling the shots. I now react much more from a place of love. My relationships are better for it, but the point is, I’m better for it.

This is coaching with soul and human integration.

What does it mean to embody your awareness?

How do we learn to really connect to our Whole Self with compassion?

What does your conditioning prevent you from trusting?

How do we feel, plug into and utilize our God, source, love energy as a tool for creating our lives?

I don’t listen for the problem or the solution. . .

I listen to find the gap between what you Know intellectually and what you are experiencing.

~ you aren’t broken. you do don’t need to be fixed.

~ you don’t really need more goals or commitments.

~ you need a deep abiding trust in yourself, in your Truth, and in your life.

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