“With Megyn, I could talk about anything, and bring up anything. She see’s the best part of you, it’s like you’re speaking to a friend who truly has your best interests at heart.” ~ Cecily Satin, Melbourne Australia


“Megyn is the best listener I’ve ever worked with. I was more present to self-love after one call with her than I’ve ever been before.” ~ Elli Seal-Mayer, Sacramento CAelli

“Learning about my Truth and how to connect with myself on deeper levels has absolutely saved me. Megyn has taught me how to be in touch with my core feelings and showed me how to accept those parts of myself I would have deemed as bad or just “my ego”. ~Tess Redsky, Houston TX

This is coaching with soul and human integration.

What does it mean to embody your awareness?  How do we learn to really connect to our Whole Self with compassion?  What does your conditioning prevent you from trusting?  How do we feel, plug into and utilize our God, source, love energy as a tool for creating our lives?

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