One habit that will immediately improve your life: Is this love or is this fear?

Aug 21, 2014 | Heart, Life Lessons

Making decisions used to be painful for me. I got stuck in the inertia of “What if.”

I hated the finality of making a firm choice and then standing in the unknown. I liked the forgiveness of the gray area; the wiggle room of just a little more time.

Big monumental decisions could take me months even years to decide on. When I decided to go back to school a few years ago deciding on the exact degree program felt like it took a decade. Pivot a little here, adjust a little there.

Smaller decisions were the worst. Probably because I could see the multitude of possible outcomes on the back-end of a decision right in front of me: “Do I tell someone the truth? Will this conversation make them mad at me? Do I tell someone I really like them? Do I say this isn’t jiving with my vision? Is this my intuition or is this fear?”

I wasn’t afraid of commitment. I just didn’t want the pain of making a mistake. More significantly, I didn’t trust myself.

There is a whole conversation to be had around impulse, desires and trusting our higher knowing. How we are painfully disconnected from our heart’s unique way of speaking to us; why we simply can’t access our feelings and easily revert to the conditioning of our mind.

But what if you just want to make decisions without worrying about the intuition stuff?

What if you aren’t really sure what you are feeling and you just need to take the next step; make the next move? How do you know what to say or how to respond without so much struggle?

Always ask yourself this one question: “Is this action, thought, statement, move, coming from love or coming from fear?”

That’s it. Done deal. Let go. Breathe.

No stress. No worries. No tension. You acted out of Love. You put it out there in a way that could only contribute to the highest good for all involved. Why? Because it came from Love. 

Do you tell someone you really really dig them? Love. Do you hold back because they may not feel the same? Fear.

Do you listen to your body, this situation is sucking the life out of me? Love. Do you forge ahead? There are expectations, you’re a winner not a quitter? Fear.

Do you ask for help? Love. Do you act like you can do everything on your own? Fear.

Do you follow your impulses even though it’s uncomfortable, but there is opportunity to expand and grow? Love.

Do you follow your impulses even if it is harmful to yourself or to another and to be honest you despise delaying gratification? Fear.

You will still feel vulnerable at times because you will have to let go. You will still choose love over fear not knowing what lies on the other side. But it gets easier and more intuitive as you see how love boomerangs back to you in more wondrous ways than you expected.

I love hearing from you, comment below or share because you know someone who this will help.

Light and Love,



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