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A few years ago, if you had told me that the ending of a relationship, a terrible breakup, would be the beginning of my life I never would
have believed you.

But, determined as I was, to heal, move on, and thrive, I began looking at the circumstances around the breakup and in my life through a microscope; with radical responsibility and with nothing but self-compassion.

I didn’t want to live forever haunted by a past relationship. I didn’t want to create the same relationship patterns again. I didn’t want to
wait for another human being to change or to realize the error of their ways in order to feel better.

I wanted to trust myself again. I wanted my self-esteem back, and more importantly, I wanted my connection with my heart and ultimately something larger than myself healed.

What happened over the next three months was not typical self-help or self-love work. It was, in fact, the antithesis to mindset training.

It is now my life’s mission and work to share what I learned, discovered, and recovered with the rest of the world so that you can experience becoming your own beloved.



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