a soulful support tribe where you can come to deepen your journey into self-trust and self-love
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Everything is here for our life’s highest path and greatest evolution, if we want it to be.

My commitment is to be as human with you, as is humanly possible –– over the internet.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of overly reductive and simplisitic teachings in the mind-set, self-help, and spiritual communities.

High-minded ideals tend to get regurgitated and espoused out of context, without a lot of understanding and context for the nuanced Wholehuman™ experience.

I started this whole thing to be a relatable, accessible, real-life, voice for women who feel like there is a gap between what they learn and know intellectually, and what they are actually experiencing in their emotional lives and their most important relationships.

What I want to show you is how to connect with yourself with compassion, so you can understand what your thoughts and ego are showing you. I want to guide you into self-intimacy, so you can feel, heal, integrate and become whole.

This is the only path back to love.  This is how we reclaim our hearts and trust ourselves again.

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Actually, screw that, sign up because you want to understand and love your humanity. Sign up because you are tired of the spiritual and self help paradigms that read like: “You are already love, forgiveness, abundance and peace. . . Don’t you get it?”

Sign up because you want to fall in-love with being human.

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Uncommon, sometimes unpopular truths on relationships, spirituality, and self-love + FREE access to the private #Wholehuman Tribe, a soulful support group where you can come to share and relate as you deepen your journey into self-trust, self-knowing and more heart based living.

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