My coming out party


If I had thrown away all calendars in 2013, gone to sleep, then woken up — I would have sworn seven years passed in this one.

You may have felt it too. Like you were standing still relative to the speed at which your insides and brain were going through a holy-metamorphosis.

Life is like this — some years are a blur, some years answer questions, some years ask questions, and then some —  offer deep cleansing tidal waves of destruction and illumination.

And that is what happened. In Life. And at

I took a hiatus, (in case you didn’t notice) to work with a designer (she is AH-MA-ZING), to think about the next incarnation of my blog, to clarify my mission, and to distill my passions and natural strengths into one voice.

In “The Truth About You, The Secret To Success,” Marcus Buckingham talks about how we think of strengths as something we are good at, for example lets say —  accounting. But the truth is that strengths are less about skill and more about aliveness.

Talking about what to eat, and what not to eat is fine. Being a deliverer of health information is invaluable. But honestly, there are so many people out there better suited to do this than me.

The problem is I know nutrition science like the back of my hand. I get really bogged down in all the medical and scientific data and I have a hard time making the connection for everyday people. Or at the other end of the problem, I feel really agitated and exhausted trying to do so.

Approaching health from an informative, whats wrong with the food system, American’s are sick fat and dying, here is what you could do about it —  is information. Ok, thanks we got it.

But does it address the underlying issues I find hiding under the desire to lose 20, 30 pounds and love your body? Does it address the fact that on some level, chronically neglecting your health for years could be about more than you just didn’t know what to do?

Every time I talk about some aspect of health with someone, I find myself teasing out the concealed issues around self worth, value, and unconscious beliefs. I love helping women see themselves as imperfectly perfect.

I know that TRUE health, comes from a strongly rooted foundation in valuing who you are — from the inside out, and then allowing other aspects of health to fall more naturally into place from there.

Our relationship to health can be so many things. We have a relationship with our financial health, our physical health, our spiritual health, and perhaps the most important relationship of them all, our relationship with ourselves. If the essence of what I believe health to be is going to engage others and be authentic — I feel the conversation should include it all.

So I hope you will stick around to be part of the conversation. I love hearing from my readers and their experiences with how to value themselves more.

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