How to never miss a sign again.

Jan 11, 2015 | Blog, Feelings, Intuition, Trust

Perhaps, what we most often miss are the signals that it’s time to move on, shift, re-focus, and let go.

We get so caught up in the determination, the not being a “failure,” the “looking good”, the fear of “is this is the last one that will ever love me”, that we forget the whole point of this journey – enjoy it. 

I did this a lot in my past: allowed low-grade, internal corrosion, tolerable amounts of confusion, pain, chaos and turmoil, all while I clung, chased, grasped, and forced circumstances in my life that were trying to go. I thought the pain and chaos were bad luck, bad boyfriends, or difficult planetary aspects (kind of a joke, but not really), but it was never about them. It was more about my willingness to listen to and honor what my feelings were telling me, and then own what was clearly not working.

The chaos, pain, and turmoil show up – are there to show you, exactly where you are out of sync. To gently and sometimes forcibly get you to recognize what you have been avoiding.

What needs your attention? Something or someone needs to go? What is out of alignment? What is draining and not empowering? Do you need to show up differently? Do you need to politely say “this is not working for me.”

Someone needs to be honest, and it’s probably you.

It can be terribly difficult to be honest, especially with ourselves. It’s uncomfortable. It’s sometimes messy, and there are always going to be emotions to acknowledge and work through. But I promise, pointing the finger back at yourself, as opposed to someone else, is always more illuminating. And, it’s also radically responsible.

If there is one thing I know for sure, and I don’t know a lot for sure, for sure, it’s that being radically responsible for what is coming through you in your life is the fastest way to create more fulfilling and nourishing circumstances, and to feel empowered.

The paradox of personal responsibility is there are more choices and way more freedom, but you can’t exercise that freedom if you are ignoring, clinging, and chasing.

You can’t allow for more peaceful nourishing circumstances in your life if you are burying your head in the sand, or playing the victim, or if you aren’t looking at how you co-created some part in the chaos.

Nothing that is meant for you will miss you, and nothing that is meant for you should be anything less than nourishing. Stand for that.

Will there be work? Of course.

Will there be compromise? Absolutely.

Will everything always be shiny and beautiful? Most likely not.

But underneath all those Truth and heart aligned choices will be an ever present state of peace, ease, and joy which = nourishment and love.

In order to invite in, make space, and allow for bigger and more empowering circumstances to move in, we have to be willing to ask some questions about how we are showing up and confront the uncomfortable aspects of ourselves.

Why is this drain still in my life? What am I afraid to let go of? What am I afraid to say, do, acknowledge in me, that would create this void and uncertainty? What situation is begging for me to set a healthy boundary, or risk making someone mad?

When we trust – oh-so-deeply trust, that what is meant to be ours on a high level will find it’s way to us, we can get out of our own damn way (our heads telling us to “fight” or “make the most out of this one”) and calmly stand in our inner authority; our gentle yet bold certainty, and declare I am willing to allow the highest to unfold in ways I can’t foresee yet.

This is the rhythm of flow. This is where our backbone meets our wishbone. This is where we embody our power.

Your job is to be brave. Be honest. Stay true. Show up. Stand up.

Do. No. Harm. Ever. Most importantly, to yourself.

Light and Love, Megyn

Megyn Blanchard

Megyn Blanchard

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