How to get unstuck, trust your gut, and make the “right” decisions

May 5, 2015 | Blog, Heart, Trust, Your Truth


No one has it all figured out.

There are no guarantees and no predictable outcomes. Even when we think we have the tools, know the stats, have done our time, or have exhausted the research — it’s still just a winding road into the uncertain, mysterious terrain of “life is a journey.”

The people who seem to have it figured out, live one day at a time, taking the next right step, as close as they can to that inner, heart-based, nudge that says, “this is right;” “this is in integrity with the only thing that matters – my truth NOW.”

What is your truth now?

It is whatever deeply nourishes you when lived, spoken, and cultivated with radical honesty. It’s a culmination of values, beliefs, standards, desires, feelings, and inclinations that lead you closer and closer into resonance with love, trust, and surrender.

Live in alignment with that. Even with no guarantees of outcomes. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Especially when it defies logic.

Your truth will change and stretch as you grow.

Life is never an “arrival.” Our highest path unveils itself in layers. It’s a constant inner distillation that plants seeds of outward expansion.

Note: As long as your truth does no harm! Harm is for neanderthals. Check in. If harm to yourself or another creates feelings of love, empowerment, and happiness you should double check, maybe go see a professional for that.

It has tunnel vision. It perpetuates stagnation and comparison.

It has confined me to limited thinking, playing small, forcing circumstances, and trying to fit into the world’s standards of success and happiness.

When a spiritual coach offered me a job opportunity a few years ago I thought it was one of those holy-serendipitous-opportunities that I had to jump on, but it soon became apparent that this coach’s integrity and mine weren’t aligned.

Instead of just dropping it or walking away, I got stuck in three days of obsessive thinking. I was looking for a sign that would clearly illustrate: “Should I quit or forge ahead? ”

Spiritual axioms like “don’t quit before the miracle” and “everything you want is on the other side of fear” were showing up in my social media feed. I was drowning in the fear of fear ruining my life.

The opportunity wouldn’t have shown up if it wasn’t meant to be in my life right?

Wrong. So wrong.

I’d forgotten my own medicine for a second. I wasn’t supposed to figure out why, how, or what if.

I was supposed to listen to my inner knowing, trust my gut feelings, and show up in alignment with my truth now: “I don’t want to participate in this. End of story.”

Then, lesson later. Sometimes much later.

When I allowed myself to finally acknowledge what was most honest for me and move in that direction, without analyzing why the clarity and relief rushed in. Through honesty with myself and my own process, I realized this was just another lesson: trust your feelings, even when they don’t make sense.

As the days unfolded, it became apparent that this coach was trying out slimy, sales tactics that would actually, as I would find out later, blow up in her face.

Resistance is not the same as fear.

It’s sometimes your angel of intuition putting her hands on your shoulder saying: “No, no, no. This isn’t your door. Not so fast.”

Our job is to put one foot in front of the other, in accord with what we are honestly feeling and being nudged to do. In spite of the rationale, the unexplained, and the unknown.

Even if it had been some “gift” I had quit on, God or the loving force of the Universe isn’t some trickster with its arms crossed wondering if “These stupid humans will get this one?” The signs, the opportunities, the omens, will come again if you miss them.

They actually come back stronger and more obvious. First, a quiet knock, then a doorbell ring, then a crashing in of your door.

So relax. Take a moment. Check into your body. Below your neck. Behind your fears. There is a magnificently, intelligent, and quiet voice that is persistent and often one we don’t want to hear — she is saying something.

Move on. This is draining. This is toxic. This is not in integrity with my worth.

Try this out. Explore this one. We’ve wanted to do this for years.

Rest. Heal. Let it go. Make space. 

Create. Have fun. Put it out there.

As long as you are at the very least trying to align with what is authentic and nourishing as opposed to chasing outcomes, and really allowing your Truth to use you as a vehicle — each action will move you closer and closer to a far more fulfilling, meaningful, and loving path than your mind can conceive.

Light and Love,


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