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Essential truths you need to know before your 30

  As my birthday month passes and I find myself closer to 40 than I am not, (oh-mah-gosh that sounds weird) it’s hard not to think about what the next half of my life will look like. My mid-thirties have been fast and furious as age seems to compress time, lessons and...

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Letting go of the things you need to let go of, and be happy!

  I’ve let go of a lot in my life. I’ve let go of toxic relationships, of businesses, of homes, of opportunities that weren’t in alignment. Of TV. Of whole food groups. Of repressed emotions. Oh-my-gah! Repressed emotions. I’m still learning to let go of the need to...

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Self-Help, Is It Really Helping You?

For 17 years I was a good spiritual student and self-help junkie. I was well versed in concepts like self-love and self-worth. Concepts like "our thoughts create our reality" and "happiness is a choice" permeated much of my thinking. I had accepted everyone for where...

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How to make regret free decisions

  There is a fork in the road. You are presented with a choice. Life delivers yet another opportunity. You know it's time to decide. . . Should you say yes? Email back? Forge ahead? Remain open? Repair? Mend, or re-commit? We all want easy, regret free decisions and a...

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Relationships are either containers for great work, or great lessons.

When we aren’t fully resourced containers for our own love, adoration and respect; when we haven’t faced and re-wired the old emotional programs that are below the surface dictating our lives, we will attract relationships that will be like picking at a scab – constantly re-opening old hurts and pains, never quite allowing it to heal.

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