My mission is to bridge the gap that exists between high-level-woo-woo-spiritulity, self-love and your everyday life. Stick around, kick up your heels, read for a while. I am sure we'll be fast friends.

How to stop choosing relationships from your wounds!

When in relationship to life and as a result other human beings, your soul pulls you toward the maximum growth potential for expansion, and love, and union — this is why romantic relationships are such catalysts for change, and so intoxicating. But until we’ve...

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How to forgive when you don’t want to.

When the guru waving his spiritual wand says “Choose to forgive someone in order to set yourself free,” Does the decision to engage in forgiveness miraculously take the emotional juice away? No, not hardly. When self-help authors espouse language like: “Who is more...

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Beware of the self-love and self entitlement pitfall.

  I look back at times when I thought I had spiritual principles down like surrender and getting out of my own way and unconditional love, and I am astounded at how I didn’t get it; at how much more deeply I get it now, and how I can probably "get it" more in the...

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How to *really* apologize. Own your shit.

  A few weeks ago, I felt like an adolescent girl held hostage by hormones: on the verge of crying every few minutes, super tender, for no reason at all. I. Was. Just. Over. It. Over worked. Over stretched. Over dead-lined. Over tired. Over exposed. When a male...

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How to trust when things aren’t happening fast enough.

  In case you didn't know, I'm ancient years old, (37.5 rockin' years on this planet ) and have been single for some time now: 2 years, 8 months, and 17 days at the moment this post was written. And to be brutally honest, I've spent more time out of relationship...

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25 essential truths you need to thrive in your life

  As my birthday month passes and I find myself closer to 40 than I am not, (oh-mah-gosh that sounds weird) it’s hard not to think about what the next half of my life will look like. My mid thirties have been fast and furious as age seems to compress time,...

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How to let go of that thing you need to let go of

  I’ve let go of a lot in my life. I’ve let go of toxic relationships, of businesses, of homes, of opportunities that weren’t in alignment. Of TV. Of whole food groups. Of repressed emotions. Oh-my-gah! Repressed emotions. I’m still learning to let go of the need...

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The most profound life altering advice…Ever!

  One of the simplest and most profound pieces of advice ever given to me was from a Buddhist friend twenty years older and wiser than me. He said, “Megyn if you don't have the same definitions of kindness and respect, the relationships you have will never work."...

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Why too much self-help actually creates suffering

  For 17 years I was a good spiritual student and self-help junkie. I was well versed in concepts like self-love and self-worth. Conecepts like "our thoughts create our reality" and "happiness is a choice" permeated much of my thinking. I had accepted everyone...

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How to have healthy standards in love relationships

  Many of us have gotten expectations and standards confused! We hear expectations bad, unconditional love good –– then get into weird, contorted relationships with people who can’t really meet us with the kind of healthy, reciprocal, dignity, respect and love we...

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How to make regret free decisions

  There is a fork in the road. You are presented with a choice. Life delivers yet another opportunity. You know it's time to decide. . . Should you say yes? Email back? Forge ahead? Remain open? Repair? Mend or re-commit? We all want easy, regret free decisions...

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