Where we’re at:

We’ve been running and striving and getting “shit done” since we were old enough to get our own credit cards. We’ve built the careers, started businesses, managed dead-lines, nurtured our friends, started families and we’re pre-tty, freak-ing, awe-some.

But, you can’t ignore the disconnect anymore; you feel like you’ve somehow lost touch with pieces of yourself and you want to feel more brave, creative, in-sync, nurtured, loved, peaceful and trusting; you want permission to get back to being the fullest version of you, and leave the guilt on the side please.

You’ve thought about coaching; you’re not sure if you really need it, but transformation sounds really exciting.

It’s time to do Soul-Tox (talks).

Me + you and three to six of your friends:

This is where you and I and a few of your friends, dip into transformation so you can see what is possible.

I take you through a loving journey, into depths of yourself that you probably haven’t seen before.

The techniques and tools I use are waking you up, re-wiring how you think, how you accomplish things, how you feel about yourself and your relationships.

This is deep inner re-molding, so you can feel more vibrant, guided, brave, seen and loved –all without anything having to change in your external life – unless you want it to.

You will have breakthroughs, the blinders will come off and you will see your life through a more expanded vision than you’ve ever seen it before.

Why with a group?

Because birds fly higher and longer when in V-formation, and so do we.

It’s so important for us as women to feel connected, to feel seen, to be held in safe spaces; to be who we are yet free to grow, re-new and emerge.

So we come together to share in an intimate experience with a few other like minded, masterful, bright, brave women, and explore the depths of our connection with Self, from a whole new perspective. So we can uncover, rise up and move forward together in big, open, loving, dynamic ways.

So we can have people with us to continue the conversation and hold a safe space for us as we grow.

Because growth and healing happen in resonance.

Because it feels better to have someone who understands how your life is shifting.

Because it’s so important to share with another person.

What you need to do?

Find two to three hours of your time. Make a list of the friends you want to invite.

I like to keep things cozy for maximum oomph and growth; no more than six of your most special gal-pals at a time (we can always do more than one call).

It’s a two to three hour journey, depending on our numbers, at your house or virtually through Google hangouts and (Houston and surrounding areas).

Set the intention now, book your virtual or in-home group retreat to set the date, then tell your friends about it. You can reserve your spot by emailing me

All group workshops are $500 which is due at the time of booking.


This is a where you and possibility meet eye to eye.

This is where momentum gets her fuel.

This is where truth meets clarity.


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