Become your own beloved


Let me walk you through this!


A few years ago, if you had told me that the ending of a relationship;
a terrible breakup, would be the beginning of my life … I would never have believed you.

I meet women everyday who struggle with getting out of relationships, stuck in a dead-end relationships,
terrified of getting into a new relationship; in the same relationship patterns or beating themselves up for not being over a past relationship.

The ending of a relationship can feel like parts of us are being severed off.

Grief can feel overwhelming. Being hurt can make us feel like vengeful monsters; bringing out the worst in us. Breakups can make us feel unlovable, defective and like failures.

But breakups don’t have to be traumatic. There doesn’t have to be drama in your relationship future again.


There can actually be tremendous healing and renewal through endings.

There can be a deeper understanding of all the reasons soul’s cross paths. There can be greater intimacy with yourself and therefor in your future partnerships.

Unfortunately many of us believe that time does the healing. It doesn’t. We do.

In order to move on, forgive and thrive in all our relationships, it is essential that we heal.

Healing is not about being broken or needing to be fixed. Healing is about releasing the baggage and or trauma that does not serve us; that does not need to be carried forward.

When we identify our weak points or blind spots, we wake up parts of ourselves that we’ve been shut off from for years.

When we use feeling broken as a way to actually reconnect to self-love on a deep internal level (not just the rational or conscious level) we become our own beloved and let that internal source of power radiate outward and attract the loving, nourishing relationships we desire and deserve.

We change our frequency so that our lives become a honing tool, drawing in the perfect people for us to feel nourished and find true love.

There is Light at the end of the tunnel. Create a whole new future for yourself. $3000


It will connect you in an experiential, emotional way, to love in the face of hatred; joy when there is heartache; acceptance in place of disbelief; trust when things are falling apart; and Grace in spite of

It will give you back parts of yourself that have been lost and
forgotten about.

This is an opportunity to heal properly, to deepen and widen the most essential
relationship you have – the one with Self – which is the only relationship that you need to work on.

Relationship Detox is a 1:1 personalized healing/mentoring program that lasts for four months (16 calls) with 1 60-75 minute coaching call per week over the phone + unlimited email support.

There are private client only e-resources: Audios, reflection tools, journal prompts, meditations, clearing exercises and self discovery tool kits.
Special curated gifts.
Recorded calls and session summaries so you can see your progress.

What To Expect:


  • Grief: What to expect. The layers that will come up.
  • Identifying the biggest pain points. Gaining access to subconscious
    framework and emotional programs that are being brought up in present
  • How to love yourself through all the emotions and feelings that come up. Learn how to re-parent, nurture self.
  • Regaining your power: Acceptance vs. tolerance. Who they are in reality. Who we are.
  • Honesty: How we showed up. What we ignored. What we projected. Where we over gave, self abandoned, or didn’t see certain realities.
  • Forgiveness: Processing through the lessons. Releasing our partners. Cutting chords.
  • Forgiveness of self: Why this is the hardest step.
  • Taking nothing personally. Highest perspective, souls work.
  • Self esteem rebuilding exercises. Owning our standards. Trusting our
    inner authority. Believing we are enough.
  • Becoming your beloved. Development of a deep, integrated and trusting relationship with self.
  • Calling in your next partnership. Knowing when you’ve healed and are ready.

Schedule your intro call by filling out this form here.  If you are ready to heal, forgive and create a whole new future, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I promise you will feel relief, reconnected and inspired…often after just one call.


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