We can go to therapy and talk about our sh*t for years. We can read all the right self-help books and re-frame our “stories,” but if it isn’t translating into real life emotional change, then it’s just spiritual junk-food!

So how do we apply all these big spiritual, relationship, and self-love principles to our lives in a way that honors and integrates our humanity? How do we live “awake” and still create meaningful work and partnerships? How do we cultivate a Universal connection while still working with the energy of our soul?

Stick around. Kick up your heels. Read for a while, because that is what the conversation is all about here.


I was a strong, independent, determined and intelligent woman. I had survived two major medical crisis including a rare brain tumor diagnosis.

I was “empowered,” “choosing happiness,” “making it happen,” and “observing my ego,”  via all the self-help education I’d been plugged into for years

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After 17 years of consuming “positive thinking” and “personal empowerment” teachings, I had one of those gloriously painful existential moments. The kind where I ended up in the fetal position on my bedroom floor.

I realized, for all the “awareness” I had, none of it was integrated into my life as feeling experiences. I realized the gap between the self-help-spiritual world and our actual lives occurs because no amount of “Choose happiness!”, “You are already love!”, “Change your thoughts!”, or “That is just your ego talking!” helps us reconnect to self-love and our humanity. Which is really why we’re here in the first place.

I promise, every bit of your experience here is real, it’s just not the only thing that is real.

All too often I see personal empowerment, self-help, and law of attraction concepts displacing true healing and self connection for “high-minded” ideals that simply don’t address the individual, conditional, and developmental aspects of being human. The result is usually less self-compassion, less emotional intimacy and more education.

When you are able to feel, heal, integrate and become whole, your fear based “stories,” your “limiting thoughts”, and your difficult relationships naturally drop away so that peace, trust and love can be free flowing.


021We are not only souls having a human experience, we are souls who CHOSE to come here to have a human experience. No part of being human is a mistake or “not real.”

021Thriving in your life has much less to do with “mastering your mind” and much more to do with connecting to yourself with compassion.

021When you make the most sacred spiritual practice you have, the relationship you have with yourself, you blow your life wide open to love, trust and the mysteries of Grace.


Megan Sheldon

“I could never put into words where I always went wrong with relationships, but your blog put it all into place for me and really opened my eyes. Thank you.”

Chris Chavez

“In just three calls, it felt like we had gotten to the root of everything I was feeling but couldn’t articulate. Megyn is so intuitive, her coaching coaxes it all up to the surface.”

Debbie Kelly

“Thank you for being alive during this space and time with me. After many years of “thinking” there was something “wrong” with me, your writings helped me love and understand my humanity more.”



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