A prayer for recovering “choose happy” addicts – Because we all have bad days

Feb 2, 2015 | Blog, Inner Peace, Mindset, Spiritual Rant


You might not know it if you are comparing yourself to strangers on the internet, but the reality is, that the internet and Facebook aren’t reality.

No one ever feels perfect all the time…

Isn’t that a relief?

I actually get a little angry when I see quotes flying around about “choose happy” and “happiness is a choice.”

Ultimately happiness is a consequence of feeling like we have choices; of feeling empowered in our lives.

Happiness is more likely to flow through you when you aren’t fighting for it. It’s a natural emotion that comes when we feel resourced and whole from within, which means allowing what arises in us to be seen.

And some days, it’s totally appropriate, dare I say it – to not choose happy.

Ironically my life has become infinitely more joyous, peaceful, trusting and loving because I stopped trying to be a positive Pollyanna all the freaking time.

Which is why when you embrace whatever it is that you might be feeling, you move through it more ease, grace and trust.

Now, my “off days” are far less ominous and I feel safe and seen and nurtured. As long as I stay away from “shoulding” all over myself.

I wrote this during one of my voracious journaling periods; kind of like Picasso’s Blue period, the kind where you just give all your crazy over to God on paper or canvas or whatever medium you see fit.

This is a prayer for when you feel lost, off track, melancholy or fear.

I Trust Prayer

I trust in the divines love that I am connected to.

I trust I am loved unconditionally.

I trust I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

I trust in my heart.

I trust in abundance and beauty.

I trust that tomorrow brings with it new opportunities to love myself and start anew.

I trust in the divine order of things; that I will get everything I need in order to serve my soul’s highest path.

I trust in a beautiful process that I can not understand.

I trust my life has value. I trust I am lovable just the way I am. I trust that expansion and connection live in me.

I trust that I am trusting and allowing more.

I trust that I know what is best for me.

I trust that I’ll always find a way. I trust that I will be shown the next move. I trust that my job is to listen.

I trust that this is a stepping stone.

I trust that I always have a choice.

I trust that I have all I need inside of me to create the loving life I desire. I trust that God, Source, Light walk with me.

I trust that I don’t have control over anything but me.

I trust that there are signs and guidance when I get out of my own way.

I trust that what is meant to come will come into my life, and what is meant to leave I can let go of.

I trust that when I get centered and I am still I can hear you, see you and feel you.

I trust that life is on my side.

I trust that when I am connected to myself, even more than I can imagine will flow through me.

I trust that I can grieve and feel all my feelings safely today .

I trust that you hear me with out me speaking.

I trust.

I love hearing from you, comment below and share if you think this is good, great, awesome.

Light and Love


Megyn Blanchard

Megyn Blanchard

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