a healthy body starts with a healthy mind

Years ago I thought what I put into my body: the food, the effort, the meticulous discipline with exercise, was all I needed to be healthy. I found out it was the other way around — It was more about being happy from the inside out and spiritually connected, and then allowing the food, the discipline, and the body to come from inner health.

Don’t mistake what I mean, health is the foundation for enjoying all experiences in life. If you want to feel creative, lit-up, loving, vibrant, peaceful, plugged in, passionate, whole and connected — being healthy is essential. This is why trying to stay fit, healthy, and aware of the signals my body is giving me is something I am passionate about. You can’t enjoy or partake fully in anything if your body is rebelling against you.

But what if being healthy actually started with your basic psychology and spirituality and not with what you put in your mouth?

What if the reason you don’t eat well, don’t feel well, feel run-down and have health issues are not a problem with the food or calories you are eating as much as they are about the relationship you have with yourself? Do you think that if we valued our lives more we would be more inclined to take care of ourselves? To do the things we know make us feel healthy?

I know you all have met or at least heard the story of the person who, suddenly confronted with his own mortality through illness such as a cancer diagnosis, radically alters their lifestyle taking charge of their health in every way possible, promising never to take their body for granted again. They purposefully take charge of their life no longer able to tolerate denial and unhealthy rationalizations. It is because their values and attentions shift.

When I realized my desire was to live an outstanding life — spiritually, emotionally and physically and that all three were contingent upon the other, I set out to change my habits and behaviors that weren’t serving this purpose. 

Health became a more holistic way of being, one which was in integrity with my desires, as opposed to work or trying to reach some new benchmark. My individual needs for feeling healthy were a priority — not trying to fit into some dietary dogma, or body type.

Being present to the guidance that our hearts and bodies want us to see and acting from a place of kindness towards our bodies, creates the space for true health to manifest. When we stay open to our deep soul nudges, and focus on being happy, connected and fulfilled from the inside out, health is part of the path.

What about you? Have you taken care of one aspect of your health, only to neglect the other? How has physical health changed your emotional or spiritual well being?



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