5 Steps to actually follow your heart

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How do I get out of my own way? How do I allow for Divine will or find that sweet spot between the heart’s desires and the natural unfolding of life?  How do I really relinquish control or discern what the highest good is in the moment?

It can actually be painfully confusing in the beginning – especially if you are out of touch with your intuition, your feelings and if you operate strictly out of intellect. That’s why I talk + advocate navigating from all of our intelligences: body, mind, emotions and higher self.

All these aspects of being human, when integrated, work together in a healthy way so we can deeply Know what to do, as opposed to intellectualize what “should” be done.

As I began to live from and respect this integrated whole-human experience, doors opened up and synchronistic events happened daily.

Physically I felt like I was more grounded and able to love and accept myself more. Emotionally I felt more taken care of by myself as opposed to looking to outside people and relationships.

Challenges became less arduous and seemed more purposeful. The negative mind chatter slowed…greatly.

So how do we get out of our own way? How do we allow as opposed to grasp, chase, manipulate or control?

Here are some easy ways to make space for more flow and divine order in your life, so that you can be a vehicle for the highest Yes to come through.

1. Stop goal setting.

When we set goals, we actually inhibit the flow of abundance, creativity and the highest good for our life.

Our limited minds can only imagine certain ways of getting from point A to point B.

How many times in your life has something unfolded in ways more beautiful than you ever could have imagined?

Instead, focus on feelings that are important in your life. Vibrancy. Connection. Truth. Freedom. Expansion. Then put one foot in front of the other performing tasks that are in support of that; that are in alignment with what your heart says is good for you body, mind and soul.

Read The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte. She will walk you through this.

2. Be a staunch supporter of your heart.

Own your deepest desires even when they seem outrageous.

Know what you believe in vs. what are just your fears and coping mechanisms.

You have to work your heart muscle more so she gets stronger. The more you do this the more you will trust her voice.

She is the direct line of communication between you and your soul. She is the compass leading you to the bigger, kinder more abundant version of your life.

3. Stop thinking everything you do matters so DAMN much.

You are one piece of the puzzle. Divine order will have her say. You only have control over your thoughts, your responses, your choices and your next move.

Your job is to listen. To take the next step in alignment with your higher YES! It is the lower ego yes’s that cause the internal angst, depression, confusion, repetitive patterns and chaos.

This doesn’t mean be passive, rather be receptive, then be responsible for what you CAN do in the moment.

4. Know who you are.

Years of muscling your way towards fear and security based goals, denying your heart, and unconscious behavioral patterns put you out of touch with your Truth.

What are you known for? What can you do for hours? What comes naturally to you without having to think about it?

What do you sacrifice at the expense of your happiness, freedom and vitality? It might be helpful to journal about this. I promise you, Divine nature didn’t forget who you were supposed to be.

When you can remember who you are and what you desire, you will be naturally more open to the signals that life sends you.

5. Forgive.

This is the mother-load of all spiritual practices and paths to happiness.

Forgiving others however is often much easier than forgiving ourselves.

If you are not forgiving of yourself, you are not unconditionally loving yourself.

The easiest way to see where you need to work on forgiving yourself is to look at where you have resentments towards others. YES I said that correctly.

Who do you still harbor anger or betrayal towards? Who do you feel annoyed or aggravated with? Who do you feel used by?

These emotions are coming from inside of you because of how you showed up in a situation. In some way you ignored your intuition, you didn’t stand up for yourself, you allowed somebody else to dictate what was good for your life, or you stayed safe in denial.

When we recognize this we can commit to making a different choice in the future. Then we can forgive ourselves so we can love and accept ourselves more fully.

6. Find your bigger purpose in life.

Life is not about muscling your way from point A to point B, about collecting a paycheck or about passing go.

Chasing the next deal, the next pay raise, or the next structure may feel exciting at first, but it quickly loses it’s allure as it starts to feel dry, and meaningless.

There has to be a grander purpose behind what our lives are about. We have to be in service to something larger than ourselves.

If that doesn’t feel authentic, then conspire, strategize, and have round-table discussions about how you can be of service to as many people as possible. What does it look like? What does it feel like?

Remember this isn’t about ego, being patted on the back, or pounding our chests. This comes from the soul-heart centered space that doesn’t need recognition but rather feels compelled to share.

Light and Love


Megyn Blanchard

Megyn Blanchard

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